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Watch "The Rendezvous English Fandub" on YouTube

If anyone does bother to watch this, then watch it till the end. It has a very wonderful message within it.

The story told in the video reminds me of some of the stuff I've felt before, considering how I like to sleep a lot more, mostly due to the fact that I love my dream state better than my reality at times. It's not that I have a bad life or anything, but my dreams offer me more friends and more experiences than I could ever really receive in my real life. I've less antisocial in my dreams and I'm able to actually get my thoughts heard. At times, well, most of the time I feel as if it is my own fault that I don't have very many people who want to be around me anymore. I know I have friends and people who care for me and those who are there when I need them. But it does get hard at times to handle feeling as if you are alone at times. I know I'm not alone, but I can't help but feel better within my dreams where people actually talk to me in them.

I try to seem happy and nice and kind, but it gets hard when you're living in a world that usually takes that kindness and doesn't hardly give any back. Though, I plan to keep staying strong, if not for me, then for others around me.

Anyways, this isn't fully about me, so I'll stop making it seem as if it is. This is a wonderful video based around a girl who enjoys her dreams more than the cruel reality she was given. I own nothing involving the comic or the video. I am simply sharing something I believe people need to see.

Please watch it all the way through because it has a very important message at the end of the video.

I hope you all have a great morning/afternoon/night, depending on whenever you see this. =^3^= meow!!~
Morro and Onyxcia Field
I made this image to go along with an rp I was doing a bit ago featuring my character and Morro.  They were in the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master and got to see their future.  This was the scene that had happened:

I placed my hand against the crystal, shocked at what was staring back at me...I saw my future self....

I still looked young, though I was just barely taller than I was now. My eyes shone brightly as I was in a beautiful red and white wedding gown. I was looking up at someone as I walked down the aisle. The person was blurred a bit and then as suddenly as it appeared, the scene changed.

I was laughing as I held a small bundle in my arms, holding it tightly to me. My future self looked over at someone and smiled lovingly at them before walking over and sitting in a field of grass, the wind gently blowing their hair.

I let out a small gasp as I saw who was with her. It was an older version of Morro and he looked...human? They were leaning on each others backs as they held their children, a boy and a girl. The boy had Morro's hair and my red eyes while the girl looked like the spitting image of her father.

Future Morro laid his head in my lap, gazing lovingly at my stomach. I saw that my stomach was a bit bigger than usual, another child!?

Morra rested on his chest and Axel was laying in my arms, both fast asleep as we held one another's unoccupied hand.

'Morro and Axel? How did I know their names?' My thoughts were cut short as I heard the sound of a sword being dropped. I snapped my head in Morro's direction, only to jump in surprise due to not expecting him to be that close by me.

His expression is unreadable as he stares at the crystal showing our shared future.

"I guess I might get to stay in Ninjago after all." I said softly, smiling lovingly at him.



Base Owner:


Awesome person holding the RP:…

Disclaimer: I only own Onyxcia, Axel, Morra, and my writing.  Lego owns Morro and :iconbrittneyofhyrule: owns the rp.
I have no idea, but here. Meow

Might even add more later.

I have no idea if this is even in the right category. Oh wells.
My attempt at making one of my favorite mythological creatures with an app I just downloaded. I know it's not exactly accurate or even somewhat good, but oh well. Enjoy!~ haha

App used: Sketch Guru


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Hi there and welcome all. My name is Kaci and I am a 17 year old female who is obsessed with anime, manga, books, writing, dancing, reading, swimming, and singing.

Awesome Quote: Writing is an art and currently, you are the artist. So please, take your time and create a wonderful masterpiece. (Don't steal this, I actually made this quote.)

Likes: Reading, writing, drawing, singing, wolves, watching movies from today and the old times (sometimes horror), friends, family (THEY ROCK!!), playing with my inside dogs(One is a puggle a puggle is a Pug and Beagle mix and the other is a full blood rottweiler mix) and my outside cats, sleeping, listening to new songs, watching my Brother play Xbox games (hard to admit it but he rules at those games!), the colors blue, black, and purple, mostly drawing and writing, playing sim dates, reading yaoi, & of course WATCHING ANIME!!!! I also enjoy spending time with my best and kinda only friend, Destiny.

Dislikes: Bullies, rude people, controlling guys, snobby girls, getting blamed for something someone else did, and spiders crawling near me.

Biggest Fear (s): Being left behind/alone by everyone I care for.

Dreams for the Future: Biggest one would have to be a Veterinarian but if I can't be that I'd either become an author, graphic designer, or photographer.



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