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Steven and Mally: The Meeting by KaciMoonlight Steven and Mally: The Meeting by KaciMoonlight
Name: Mally
Gem: Malachite
Gem Location: Back and flakes on her cheeks that look like freckles
Age: Would be considered 15 to 16 in human years

Story:  Mally, short for Malachite, is a fusion of Jasper and Lapis.  Unlike other fusions however, she is completely her own being.  She was created when some scientists visiting Beach City took small shards of Lapis and Jasper's gems after the two had be cracked.  Steven was able to fix the two, but not before the scientists took the small shards and left the city.

A few miles away in Beach City Laboratory, these scientist were trying to create a being from the gem shards they had stolen.  They combined them both, forming malachite to which they left it within a test tube for several months.

The G.E.M (Genetically Enhanced Malachite) Project had officially begun.  As such, the gem was monitored day in and day out, but nothing seemed to take form.  The scientists then gave up their research on the project and as such, it was forgotten.

A few weeks afterwards, the Crystal Gems had discovered the now abandoned laboratory.  Steven being Steven began to wander around, much to the dislike of the others.  He had then opened a door leading to what looked like a scene from a creepy Sci-Fi movie.  Steven then called the Gems into the room to help investigate.

As he was searching through an area, he spotted a giant test tube that was still hooked up and glowing a strange color.  He went to have a closer look, only to see a young girl before she faded back into what appeared to be gem shards.   He let out a scream while backing up only to trip over an old piece of paper that looked to have the title "G.E.M Project" on the top.

The Crystal Gems quickly went to where Steven was, worried that he was being attacked.  He slowly pointed to the test tube before calming down and explain to them what he had seen.  The gems, especially Garnet was furious to discover that humans were trying to use gem shards to create their own human made gem.

Jasper mentioned just destroying the thing and before anyone could stop her, she had punched a hole in the test tube.  A gem looking oddly like the ones that were formed when her and Lapis had fused, dropped out of the test tube and fell at everyone's feet.

Everyone gasped and took a step back as the gem started to glow.  A figure started to appear before retreating back into their gem.  Steven suddenly noticed that the gem itself was slightly cracked, and being Steven he quickly licked his hand and placed it onto the gem, slowly healing it.

The gem was then magically lifted into the air as the figure tried to form again.  A bright light engulfed the area and as it faded, a female looking gem was shown to be on the ground looking very confused.

She had pale blue hair with big wide eyes, her right eye was a pale reflective blue and her left eye was a pale reflective yellow.  She appeared to have an outfit on similar to Lapis Lazuli's and her feet were bare.  Her cheeks had flakes of malachite sprinkled across them like freckles and on her back was the gem they had seen previously.

Steven smiled brightly and walked right up to the gem, ignoring Pearl's protests. The poor gem looked scared and scooted herself back into a corner as he got closer.  Steven then held out his hand and introduced himself before asking who she was.

She stared at his hand curiously before smiling brightly and said, " Malachite."

And that's how Malachite (Mally), first met the Crystal Gems and of course, Steven.


A/N:  Before you ask, yes, I am considering her a type of "child" of Lapis and Jasper. I ship the two together and wanted to actually put down my idea on paper, so to speak.  I do ship others with both of them, but I am currently fascinated with this OC.   More of her will be revealed later and if you liked my, seemingly decent (maybe?) story, then I might actually add onto it more and even create other OC to go along with this idea of mine.

FYI, the paper says this:  Project consists of the combination of two unique gems that came from beings not of this world.


I only own Mally, the story idea, her design, and the background.

The rest belongs to their rightful owners. 

The Steven Universe Characters belong to their creator, Rebecca Sugar

The base used belongs to :icontwisted-bases:

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